I’m Dan. I’m a 23 year old content creator primarily producing videos for my YouTube channel, LaffenGas. This page is mainly for potential sponsors & business partners, but feel free to read on if you want to learn more about me!

I began producing content for this particular brand in 2018 but I’ve been on the YouTube scene for almost 15 years. My content has been featured on sites such as IGN, Polygon & Eurogamer (You can find more here). I was also a winner in Fortnite’s Replay Royale contest.

On top of the main channel, I also run another channel called Chatten with Laffen. While the main channel is for producing well-edited videos, this channel is a way for me to sit down and casually chat with my community over some standard gameplay. Viewers can email me directly to ask me questions and seek advice, and I’ll respond to their emails in my videos.

I also run a Discord server with 2000 members. It originally started out as a way for me to promote my videos directly to my viewers as YouTube had issues sending out notifications at the time, but it eventually grew into something much more. People began chatting with one another in my Discord server and, before I knew it, a lovely community of people began to form there. Out of everything I’ve created, this is the one thing I’m most proud of. There are a lot of people who’ve joined my community and found new friends to play with and chat to!

And that’s me! If you’d like to sponsor me or work together, send an email to dan@laffengas.com and we’ll have a chat. Take care!